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Restaurant Firefry

Tokyo, Japan

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JE Restaurant RPG


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Firefry. A restaurant with an ever changing menu, seemingly changing from a trattoria to a sushi bar to a BBQ restaurant over night. A place where competition is fierce, between waiters and chefs alike.

In a huge, bustling kitchen, everyone from head chef to dishwasher makes sure the guests have everything they could possibly want. In the restaurant, waiters aim to serve and please. Though not without its problems, Firefry is definitely a success.

It hasn't even been that long since all of this was just an idea in the manager's head. Attending college to study culinary arts, he discovered that cooking would never be his greatest merit. He focused on the business side of things and, once he had bought the large building that was to be his restaurant, appointed a head chef to deal with everything that happened in the kitchen.

Once the place started to become more successful and more people were hired, a head waiter was added to the list, as well as a sous chef and many other positions that suddenly needed to be filled. In many ways, the manager's dream had become reality.

...if it wasn't for that wretched sign above the door.


Obviously, every community needs rules. Here are ours.

★ If you want to join, please check the claims/taken list before applying.
★ At this point, we have a limit of two muses. At a later point, we might give you an option for a third one.
★ For now, only JE boys will be accepted. They can be debuted, Juniors or in some cases even ex-JE (think Jimmy Mackey, Ayukawa Taiyou, Takahiro Moriuchi). At a later point, we might decide to add girls to this, meaning actresses who play(ed) in dramas with JE boys.
★ You can reserve a character for a maximum of one week. Please apply for him within this week or the muse will be up for grabs again.
★ Be reasonable when you apply for a certain position. We'll accept young muses, but don't expect us to accept Chinen as head waiter, for instance. Give younger muses a job that fits them. Positions are described in the claims post.
★ Also, if you apply for a muse who is younger than 15, please make him 15 years old at the very least. It wouldn't be plausible for 13 year olds to work in restaurants.
★ You can change the age of your muse a little, but don't overdo it. Don't make Morimoto Shintarou 23 years old, or Nagase Tomoya, 15.

★ Once you are approved, you will have to make a journal for your muse and comment with it before attempting to join the community. Membership is moderated, so if you haven't commented, we won't know who you are and therefore won't accept you.
★ Please be active. Post in your muse's journal or in the community at least once every two weeks. If you fail to do this, we will remind you once and give you another week. If you still fail to post, your muse will be taken off the claims list.

★ RP logs should be posted in the community. Please f-lock all entries rated higher than PG-13, just to be safe. You can also post in your muse's journal; this is optional but encouraged.
★ If you start a log with someone, make sure the other person knows about it. Don't randomly pull someone into a log.
★ Please post logs using the following format:

★ We ask that our players know basic English and use proper grammar and spelling. Everyone makes mistakes, but please try to write proper English to the best of your ability. You will be warned if you don't follow this rule.
★ This also means, no chat language, unless it's in your muse's journal and he's actually chatting or writing a text message.
★ No writing in all caps or using caps creatively. If you want to stress a certain part of your sentence, use italics.
★ RP logs are to be written in the third person and in past tense. Please write in paragraphs rather than *action points*.

★ No godmodding. You can only decide on the actions of your own muse, don't assume anything about other people's muses, unless you have spoken about it with the other player before.
★ IC drama stays IC. OOC drama, if there would be any, stays OOC. Don't take your personal baggage into a game. If you have any problems with anyone or anything concerning the RP, please contact the mods. If you have a personal problem with someone, please work it out between yourselves.
★ Don't create any unnecessary OOC drama. If your muse is dumped by another, that's tough, but don't take it out on the player.
★ Be respectful to other players and to the mods. Even if your muse is a jerk, that doesn't mean you have to be.

★ Romance is allowed in this RP. Since (for now), all muses are male, this means there will be yaoi content. If you do not like this, please reconsider joining.
★ Pairings are personal preferences. Don't bash any pairings just because you don't like them. (Once again, be respectful.)

★ Muse drops and hiatuses should be posted in the community. In case of hiatus, please also let us know when you're back.