[Log] Firefry Bar, Tuesday, June 17

Characters: Masuda Takahisa [Open!] (I might throw in my other muses so if ya wanna play with them~)
Location and date: Firefry bar, Tuesday, June 17. (after work)
Rating: TBA
Warning: idk? YOU will decide the warnings!
Summary: Massu is on one of his rare drunk stints...and he might beg whoever to move in with him (as a roomie) (Muffin is looooonely...But not in that way (well, yes but I'ma shut up now!))

Massu downed the current drink (something that was vaguely orange and had who knows what in it) and set it down on the bar, a dorky, drunk smile on his face.

He was so drunk. Being drunk didn't happen often with Massu. He liked being all fit and muscles and good stuff like that.

The only problem was that he was bored. And he really didn't want to head back to his apartment, it was all empty. And it made creepy noises when you were the only one in it! Massu would settle for a cat but they weren't allowed.

Which left just other people.

And more drinks.

[[ooc - hiya! I'm bored~ And it seems I've been neglecting Muffin~ *pats Massu* Come play with him! (Or Esteban and Takaki~ ^^]]

Kusano/Yui/Junno are now back <3

Well I'll be posting more with them now that some things have quited down. I still have Dance classes to attend though so parts of the day i wont be home >.>

And I have cracked kusano's password! [thats why i'm posting with him <3] So yes. team YKJ is back in action <3 


Sorry, guys. I'm going to go ahead and drop Aiba to free him up for somebody else who can be more active with him. I don't want to tie him up any longer knowing that I probably won't get any better with logging/plotting.

I'd also appreciate it if everybody could go ahead and remove this journal from their f-lists. Please and thank you and have fun~ ♥

[Log] SHOPPING MALL!!!! - June 1st

Characters: Takaki Yuya, Inoo Kei
Location and date: Sunday, June 1st - some random shopping mall~
Rating: PG
Warning: Inoo might get another nosebleed (Takaki likes to try on clothes too!)
Summary: Popular! You're going to be popular!<--This is their new theme song (until it gets replaced by some love song). Basically this is part of Project INOOCHI wo Produce~ Takaki drags a (willing?) Inoo around shopping.

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[LOG] Saturday, May 31st, sports complex (group log!)

Characters: Whoever wants to join in!
Location and date: Saturday May 31st - some sports complex
Rating: ---
Warning: ---
Summary: Manager Sakurai tries many things to keep his employees happy. One of them is the annual Inner Tokyo Restaurant Sports Competition in which several restaurants compete against each other in several kinds of sports. It used to be just for fun and exercise, but this year, there's an actual prize besides bragging rights - the winning restaurant gets to show off a trophy for the entire year! (Our dear manager has already found the perfect spot for it, so let's win this thing!)

[OOC: Since nothing has been plotted for this, your muse can play whichever game you like. Football/soccer, baseball, basketball, you name it. Feel free to start a new thread within the post if you're playing a game nobody is playing yet, to keep things from cluttering up. Between team members, you can decide whether to win or lose, what will happen - anything goes!)
Also, if you join the log, please add your muse's name to the tags? Thanks.]

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happiness; cute

{log} SUNDAY, JUNE 1 - Firefry Kitchen

Characters: Ishihara Satomi and Taguchi Junnosuke
Location and date: Sunday, June 1st - Firefry Kitchen (at least to start with)
Rating: ---
Warning: ---
Summary: A lovely reunion of childhood friends and past lovers~

Satomi clipped the last order slip of the day over her area and poked at the noodles Takuya-senpai had just stuck into the cooker. Three minutes more and work would be over. She did her best to stay focused, though with the prospect of a nice weekend evening to do anything she pleased it was difficult. Even after her talk with Shirota the day before she was still feeling a lot better about her undefined relationship with Toma, and work wasn't giving her any problems. She hoped with all her might that life would continue this way...peacefully.
happiness; cute


Characters: Ishihara Satomi and Shirota Yuu
Location and date: Saturday, May 31st - a Restaurant of some kind
Rating: ---
Warning: ---
Summary: Satomi's mental drama has subsided for now, so it's the perfect time to get caught up with old friends, namely Shirotan!

Satomi took her hair out of the ponytail and shook it out, then removed the apron. Shirota didn't have work that day, but she did, so at least he'd promised to wait until after lunch shift ended before they went out. With all that'd happened recently Satomi hadn't spent time with friends, and she was thrilled about the calmness she was feeling and the opportunity she had to catch up on her social life.

After hanging the apron in her locker she was ready, and strolled out of Firefry. She waited by the lamppost outside for Shirota to arrive.