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Masuda Takahisa

[Log] Firefry Bar, Tuesday, June 17

Characters: Masuda Takahisa [Open!] (I might throw in my other muses so if ya wanna play with them~)
Location and date: Firefry bar, Tuesday, June 17. (after work)
Rating: TBA
Warning: idk? YOU will decide the warnings!
Summary: Massu is on one of his rare drunk stints...and he might beg whoever to move in with him (as a roomie) (Muffin is looooonely...But not in that way (well, yes but I'ma shut up now!))

Massu downed the current drink (something that was vaguely orange and had who knows what in it) and set it down on the bar, a dorky, drunk smile on his face.

He was so drunk. Being drunk didn't happen often with Massu. He liked being all fit and muscles and good stuff like that.

The only problem was that he was bored. And he really didn't want to head back to his apartment, it was all empty. And it made creepy noises when you were the only one in it! Massu would settle for a cat but they weren't allowed.

Which left just other people.

And more drinks.

[[ooc - hiya! I'm bored~ And it seems I've been neglecting Muffin~ *pats Massu* Come play with him! (Or Esteban and Takaki~ ^^]]
Tags: log, log: masuda takahisa

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