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Claims Post

Please post here to claim a character. Make sure you've read the rules before claiming, and submit your application in this format:

A sample of RP:

Available Positions:
(Please, pick only one position. A sauté chef will be a full-time sauté chef and won't be part-timing as a pantry chef.)
★Waiters (Unlimited amount)
★Bartenders (2 available)
★Chefs; Sauté (1 available - station chef)
★Chefs; Apprentice (17-19 year olds)(2 available - Sauté and Starter and pantry still available)
★Part-timer; In kitchen (Unlimited amount)
★Part-timer; In dining hall (Unlimited amount)
★Cleaner (Unlimited amount)

★Every area of production will have one station chef and (this has been changed) three chefs. If you want your muse to be station chef, please apply accordingly.
★The amount of chefs available is subject to change depending on response.
★If you are undecided about what type of chef or part-timer you want your character to be, just put "Chef" or "Part-timer" and the Mods will decide for you :Dv
★For an explanation of the different kinds of chefs, please have a look at this page.
★If you're applying as an apprentice, unless you have a strong preference as to which section you want your character to train in, the Mods will decide who goes where.

Claimed characters

★Aiba Masaki; 25 - Head Waiter (aibarama)
★Matsumoto Jun; 24 - Head Chef (matsumotion)
★Ninomiya Kazunari; 24 - Chef; Sauté (supernino)
★Ohno Satoshi; 25 - Chef; Dessert and pastry (ohno_s)
★Sakurai Sho; 26 - Manager (shining_mind)

★Yamashita Tomohisa; 24 - Waiter (dakishimeteitai)
★Nishikido Ryo; 23 - Sous Chef (osakabloodburns)
★Uchi Hiroki; 21 - Chef; Starter and pantry (uchi_pocky)
★Tegoshi Yuya; 18 - Waiter (dontdropit_tego)
★Masuda Takahisa; 20 - Chef; Dessert and Pastry (sexy_kabocha)
★Koyama Keiichiro; 23 - Bartender (koyama_kun)
★Kusano Hironori; 18 - Cleaner (notti_kusachi)
★Kato Shigeaki; 20 - Bartender (shige_honey)

★Kamenashi Kazuya; 22 - Chef; Main course; Vegetables and Soups (wagamama_ka)
★Akanishi Jin; 23 - Waiter (damarasete)
★Taguchi Junnosuke; 23 - Chef; Sauté (taguchi_desu)
★Tanaka Koki; 19 - Apprentice; Main Course; Vegetables and soups (joker_real7)
★Ueda Tatsuya; 24 - Waiter (lostueda)
★Nakamaru Yuichi; 21 - Bartender (marubox)

★Nishikido Ryo; 23 - Sous chef (osakabloodburns)
★Uchi Hiroki; 21 - Chef; Starter and pantry (uchi_pocky)
★Ohkura Tadayoshi; 19 - Apprentice; Dessert and Pastry (taishokuka)
★Yasuda Shota; 21 - Chef; Main course; Fish (yasubee)
★Yokoyama Yuu; 23 - Chef; Main course; Meat (blackrenja)

Golf & Mike
★Pichaya Nitipaisalkul (Golf); 22 - Station chef; Dessert and Pastry (issho_ni_neyou)
★Pirath Nitipaisalkul (Mike); 20 - Chef; Main course; Meat (pirath_m)

Tackey & Tsubasa
★Imai Tsubasa; 26 - Waiter (charredxwings)
★Takizawa Hideaki; 26 - Bartender (takkihideaki)

Kinki Kids
★Domoto Koichi; 29 - Chef; Main Course; Fish (sushi_oji)


★Okada Junichi; 26 - Musician in Dining Hall (shounenokada)

★Kimura Takuya; 34 - Chef; Main Course; Vegetables and soups (takuyacaptain)
★Nakai Masahiro; 31 - Chef; Main Course; Meat (nakainaide)

★Inoo Kei; 17 - Part-timer; In kitchen (inoo_kun)
★Chinen Yuri; 15 - Part-timer; In dining hall (chibiyuuri)
★Takaki Yuya; 18 - Part-timer; In kitchen (heysay_thrill)
★Yamada Ryosuke; 15 - Part timer; In kitchen (x_yamachan_x)

Johnny's Junior
★Ikuta Toma; 23 - Chef; Starter and pantry (tomasan)

★Kitayama Hiromitsu; 22 - Waiter (kitamitsu_pocky)
★Fujigaya Taisuke; 20 - Chef; Dessert and Pastry (gayagaya_taipi)
★Senga Kento; 17 - Part-timer; In dining hall (sengadensetsu)
★Miyata Toshiya; 19 - Cleaner (miyacchi)

Former Johnny's
★Ayukawa Taiyou; 18 - Apprentice; Main Course; Meat (mengosun)
★Moriuchi Takahiro; 18 - Apprentice; Main Course; Fish (escapeindreams)

★Mizushima Hiro; 26 - Chef; Starter and pantry (sakkaa_hiro)
★Shirota Yuu; 23 - Station Chef; Main Course; Fish (shiromitsu)
★Oguri Shun; 25 - Station Chef; Main Course; Meat (shunkie)

★Horikita Maki; 21 - Chef; Main course; Fish (fishyfun)
★Ishihara Satomi; 22 - Chef; Main Course; Vegetables and Soups (kawaiipuzzle)
★Aragaki Yui; 19 - Waitress (gakkypocky)
★Fukada Kyoko; 24 - Station Chef; Starter and pantry (fukakyorin)
★Sawajiri Erika; 22 - Station Chef; Vegetables and soups (bellefroide)
★Shida Mirai; 19 - Chef; Sauté (xwinkwinkx)
★Inoue Mao; 21 - Waitress (ainochuu)


Application comments will be deleted as they are approved (or disapproved as the case may be) for the sake of organization.

Here's a sample application:

Character: Sakurai Sho
Age: 26
Position: Manager
A sample of RP: Sho looked up in dismay at the sign as it was bolted on to the front of the shop. The sign looked good, no doubt about it, except for that one flaw. He whimpered. Restaurant Firefry. That 'R' seemed one thousand times more obvious than all of the others.

Sho closed his eyes for a moment then opened them again; he had been hoping for the letter to magically change into the 'L' that it was supposed to be. Unfortunately for Sho, no such thing had happened. The 'R' shone back at him brighter than ever, taunting him with its wrongness.

Sho always knew that he was cursed. This just proved it.
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