Yasuda Shota (yasubee) wrote in firefry_rp,
Yasuda Shota

[LOG] Monday, June 2nd, Evening - Kusano and Yasu's apartment

Characters: Yasuda Shota and Kusano Hironori
Location and date: Monday, June 2nd - Kusano and Yasu's apartment.
Rating: TBD
Warning: Yasu!re-inactment of Tom Cruise's Risky Business dance
Summary: Yasu has the day off and finds things to amuse himself.

Yasuda had the day off from work, and he honestly thought it would be extremely fun anf relazing. But after 15 minutes in the beginning of his day, he felt bored. Kusano was at school, so he had no company except for Rikki. Shiro-kun was right. Maybe he did spent too much time with fish and work.

So he began to do things to keep him occupied such as cleaned the whole apartment, jogging with Rikki, went out grocery shopping, and cooked. He then practiced his guitar. Then after he just didn't know what to do after that. Sitting on his bed after a shower, he glanced at Rikki who was staring up at him curiously.

Then Yasu stood up, placed a CD into the stereo, and turned up the volume to the max. Then he picked up the hairbrush and put on some shades.

Tags: log, log: kusano hironori, log: yasuda shota

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