May 28th, 2008


[LOG] Saturday, May 31st, sports complex (group log!)

Characters: Whoever wants to join in!
Location and date: Saturday May 31st - some sports complex
Rating: ---
Warning: ---
Summary: Manager Sakurai tries many things to keep his employees happy. One of them is the annual Inner Tokyo Restaurant Sports Competition in which several restaurants compete against each other in several kinds of sports. It used to be just for fun and exercise, but this year, there's an actual prize besides bragging rights - the winning restaurant gets to show off a trophy for the entire year! (Our dear manager has already found the perfect spot for it, so let's win this thing!)

[OOC: Since nothing has been plotted for this, your muse can play whichever game you like. Football/soccer, baseball, basketball, you name it. Feel free to start a new thread within the post if you're playing a game nobody is playing yet, to keep things from cluttering up. Between team members, you can decide whether to win or lose, what will happen - anything goes!)
Also, if you join the log, please add your muse's name to the tags? Thanks.]

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