May 18th, 2008

ponder;listening;hand rest

[LOG] - May 18, Sunday, Afternoon - Cafe

Characters: Ishihara Satomi and Yasuda Shota
Location and date: May 18th, Cafe
Rating: PG?
Warning: --
Summary: Satomi feel frustrated about life so Yasu comes to the rescue.

It was a windy afternoon as Yasu found a seat at the tables outside of a cafe. He sat there calmly, turning his head sometimes seeing if his company had arrived yet. A waiter asked if he had an order already, but Yasu politely explained he was waiting for someone and will order later.

Yasuda didn't have much to do today, being that he just had a night shift for work. But he was here to help his fellow worker, Ishihara Satomi sort things out of things, and he didn't mind at all. Listening was his forte.

(log) Inoo Kei, Firefry Kitchen, early afternoon

Characters: Inoo Kei, Senga Kento, Takaki Yuya, (anyone else who chances into the kitchen)
Location and date: Firefry kitchen, the start of Inoo's shift in the afternoon after school
Rating: ??
Warning: None
Summary: Inoo's had a bad day.

Inoo yanked open the door to the restaurant with fury boiling deep inside his veins, in the very blood that pumped through his throbbing heart. He growled to himself, muttering angrily, as he slammed his heavy bookbag on the floor of the kitchen and snatched his apron off the wall, nearly screaming when he couldn't seem to tie the knot behind him. Grabbing his first dish, he scrubbed it with a frenzy, finally throwing it back down into the dishwater and leaning on the sink with his face in his hands, boiling.