May 17th, 2008

tk // bored (?)

[Log] Saturday, May 17 - Lunch

Characters: Ohkura Tadayoshi, Kimura Takuya
Location and date: Nearby restaurant; May 17
Rating: --
Warning: Kimura & his toy whip
Summary: It was just like every other Saturday, until Kimura was reminded of something...

Every other Saturday was the Kimura household's little lunch outing, as cheesy as that sounded. Since there was a lack of family time at home, they all agreed upon doing something as simple as this to catch up on random events. But today was just Ohkura and Kimura. His daughters were invited to a birthday party and his wife was out with her girlfriends.

Since he was let off for lunch early, he told Ohkura that he would waiting for him in a nearby ramen place. He took a table near the window with a cup of water and waited.
fukakyon // nerd

[Log] Saturday, May 17 - Late Afternoon

Characters: Fukada Kyoko, Oguri Shun
Location and date: Somewhere in Firefry; Break time
Rating: --
Warning: None yet.
Summary: Shun has some bad news for Kyoko...?

Kyoko let out a sigh of relief when she finished the last of her prep work for the dinner service. With lots of time to spare before dinner, she walked out of the kitchen for a break. Since today was so busy for her section of the kitchen, she hardly had time for lunch. She decided it would be a good idea to grab some food before she had to work again.

On her way out, she saw Shun and greeted, "Shun-kun!" It's been awhile since she talked with him. Even though they worked in the same restaurant, they hardly had the chance to talk. When he looked at her, he seemed a little troubled.
fukakyon // nerd

[Log] Sunday, May 18 - Afternoon

Characters: Fukada Kyoko, Sawajiri Erika, Kimura Takuya, Nakai Masahiro, Okada Junichi, Yasuda Shota... & any spectators who wants to join!
Location and date: Kitchen; After lunch
Rating: --
Warning: Muns answering themselves. Violence..?
Summary: The long awaited cook-off between Team Kyoko and Team Erika.

Kyoko ripped the sticky off her locker violently and stomped out of the back room with rage. She had forgotten that she had to change all because of one person. Sawajiri Erika. Kyoko was getting annoyed with sticky messages that she got from her. Whether she really meant what she said, the end result she clearly asked for.

She pushed open the kitchen door and walked in far enough so she wouldn't get a taste of the impact from the doors. "Sawajiri Erika!" She yelled as loud as she could. "Let's end this once and for all... with food!" With that, she smacked the crumpled piece of sticky note on the counter.