May 16th, 2008

[Log] Saturday 17th May - Firefry, then karaoke

Characters: Ueda Tatsuya and Senga Kento.
Location and date: Firefry, then karaoke. Saturday, 17th May.
Rating: TBA.
Warning: Senga loves his aniki :Dv
Summary: Ueda and Senga bond and go out to their promised karaoke to have some fun.

Saturday night was always Ueda's favorite night of the week. He could never explain why, but it was when he felt most at ease. The Monday before, Senga had approached him and asked when they'd go to karaoke. Ueda promised to take him the following Saturday, and there it was. After getting changed in the bathroom and perfecting his hair, Ueda grabbed his bag and headed to Firefry's backroom, waiting for Senga to arrive.

He took a seat on the couch and pulled out his phone as usual, instantly fiddling with it as he waited. His phone could keep him amused for hours, which was a good thing when it came to long journeys or long periods of waiting. Quickly becoming absorbed with his phone, he heard footsteps approaching and wondered if it would be Senga.