May 2nd, 2008

{LOG} friday 2 may - a cafe

Characters: Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun
Location and date: friday, may 2 - lunch break - cafe near Meiji University
Rating: ---
Warning: ---
Summary: Mao and Jun see each other while out on break.

Work and college sure are hectic to coordinate. Mao, upon lunch closing time, had rushed out of the restaurant. She had a meeting with the school guidance counselor concerning her schedule. They were trying to figure out a way that she could fit in another class. Finding funding was difficult. With no problems really resolved, Mao was set free to do as she pleased, and after working all through the normal person's lunch hour she was hungry.

There was a cafe not far from the university where she ate from time to time. A simple sandwich and iced tea would suffice. Mao ordered her food and sat down. She pulled out a book from her bag, the and stared at the pages lazily, waiting for her name to be called and food to be ready.
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[Log] Friday, May 2 - Morning

Characters: Fukada Kyoko, Koyama Keiichiro
Location and date: Friday, May 2 - Morning; Dining Hall
Rating: --
Warning: --
Summary: That's right, Kyoko's daily cup of coffee from Koyama turns... messy?

Recently, Kyoko had a habit of leaving early for work most of the time (it seemed like a conspiracy to her that she always woke up early on the not-so-important days). It was just a habit, there was no meaning and reason as to why she had to leave so early. She would just wander around the kitchen aimlessly while she waited for others to pile in. But there was a catch for the early bird (more than one, actually... Kyoko got to hog the back room to herself to change instead of moving into the washroom), and that was coffee. She depended on Koyama Keiichiro whom she had no idea why he was early himself to make her a cup of fresh nice coffee. That had also been a recent routine, and today was no different.

When she saw Koyama at the bar, she requested with a smile, "The usual please!" The emptiness of the room allowed her to speak softer, which she enjoyed. Instead of running off to change into her uniform today though, she joined Koyama at the counter on a stool. She decided she would use the washroom today.

[LOG] May 2, kitchen

Characters: Horikita Maki, Yamashita Tomohisa, Aragaki Yui, Ohkura Tadayoshi
Time and setting: May 2, after lunch shift, in the kitchen
Rating: G?
Warnings: uh...snark? maybe?
Summary: Yui would like a cooking lesson

Maki finished cleaning up her station, and sighed happily at the look of the sparkling countertop. The lunch shift was over, and there was still time before the dinner one was to start. As she took the elastic out of her hair, she rubbed her shoulders a little, tired from having worked more consecutive days than she probably should have. She was still working hard to get over her lack of confidence in the kitchen, and she thought that taking more shifts would help her with that. So far, there hadn't been any accidents to make her have another panic attack, so she was grateful for that.