May 1st, 2008

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[Log] Thursday May 1 Morning - Plaza

Aragaki Yui and Ohkura Tadayoshi
Location and date: Thursday, May 1 - Plaza
Rating: PG+
Warning: Yui might se ohkura in his boxers? why? Because she's playing dress up.
Summary: Yui drags Kura-nii shopping!

Yui was smiling as always as she held Ohkura's hand like a little kid, swinging it back and forth as they walked down the street of stores, and took a sip out of the smoothie he had in his hands (that he was about to take a drink from himself). Then she picked a clothing store and dragged him in with child-like enthusiasm. "Let's play a game Kura-nii!" She said flashing him a smile as they walked in the near by clothing store. +
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[Log] Thursday, May 1 - Morning

Characters: Domoto Koichi, Fukada Kyoko
Location and date: Thursday, May 1 - Morning prep; In kitchen
Rating: --
Warning: --
Summary: Kyoko needs some sashimi for her plate.

After she changed into her uniform, tied back her hair and secured her toque neatly on her head, she walked in the kitchen with a yawn. Today was Thursday, which she remembered she was suppose to prep for the sashimi salad that was recently approved by the head chef. She also had to prep for other appetizers on the menu, but because she needed the help of a fish chef, she decided to complete this task first.

Kyoko was still relatively new in Firefry and didn't really remember which chef belonged to which station. And so far, not many of her dishes required a collaboration with other chefs. Other than her own station which she was in charge, she was a bit clueless. She was hoping there would be some apparent signs of a fish chef in the kitchen at the moment, but with everyone else who were also just settling in for the day, it was hard to tell from the morning chaos.
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[Log] Friday May 2nd, After work

Characters: Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki
Location and date: Around Firefry, Friday May 2nd, after work
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
Summary: Sho finally gets through his ton of paperwork

Sho closed his laptop with a satisfied nod, the last bit of paperwork finished. Next time he would have to make sure it didn't build up like that again. Glancing at his watch, he stood up, making his way towards the door and locking it behind him before starting down the stairs. The restaurant looked pretty much empty as far as he could see, and he glanced into the back room when he reached the bottom of the stairs, checking to see who was left.