April 30th, 2008

[Log] Wednesday 30th April, Firefry

Characters: Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya
Location and date: April 30th, Firefry
Rating: -
Warning: -

Kazuya sighed at his reflection, prodding experimentally at the bags under his eyes. He'd barely slept the last few nights, and it was really taking its toll. He wondered if he was coming down with something, but he knew really he was just stressed. He also knew why. Day after day, he'd seen Jin. Or rather, he'd stared at Jin, contemplating going up and saying something, or calling him. But so far, he'd taken no action. The phone had remained on the hook, and he'd kept his distance. Maybe I've really screwed up.

Rinsing his hands and face, he fixed his ponytail and picked up his bag, wandering out of the restroom. Nodding to people and saying goodbye as he passed them, he came to a halt as he saw Jin. Taken by surprise, he stood still, just looking at the other.

[LOG] Thursday, May 1st, Firefry restaurant & kitchen

Characters: Whoever wants to join in!
Location and date: May 1st, greater Firefry area? XD
Rating: --
Warning: --
Summary: Group log! As promised. The annual Firefry spring cleaning event is upon us! Have fun with water, but be careful not to hit the manager, he can be grumpy.

It was that time again. May 1st, the one day of the year Firefry was always closed and on which every staff member was required to come in for work. Ryo still remembered when it was just about ten of them, deciding to work hard together to clean the entire restaurant for the warmer days that were coming. Somehow it had turned into a tradition and so now here he was, carrying out tables and chairs.

The day always looked pretty much the same. Get the restaurant empty in the morning, eat lunch together, clean the entire place in the afternoon, order some kind of takeout and be very careful not to spill anything on the clean floors, drag everything back in at night. Of course, everyone but management and the station chefs were allowed to choose one of the three shifts. For the rest of them, it was a very long day. However, over the past few years most employees had turned up in the morning and stayed until they were all done. Somehow, working hard with everyone was a fun thing to do and nobody seemed to mind being busy all day.

Ryo wondered if today would be the same.