April 27th, 2008

[Log] Saturday 26th April, Kitchen

Characters: Ishihara Satomi, Mizushima Hiro
Location and date: Kitchen, April 26th
Rating: -
Warning: -

Hiro hummed a random tune to himself as he diced some cucumber. It was a pretty hectic day, being Saturday, and it was the time when a lot of people ordered complicated appetizers. Luckily, he knew his job well, and he almost took comfort in the more challenging dishes.

He had his hair tied and pinned back, but occasionally a strand or two would break free, and he was forced to flick his head like a thing posessed to get them out of the way.

[Log] Sunday 27th April, Firefry

Characters: Domoto Koichi, Imai Tsubasa
Location and date: Firefry, April 27th
Rating: -
Warning: -

Tsubasa dabbed at his forehead with the back of his hand. It had been a long day, and the rushed atmosphere had left him hot. Lots of customers, but luckily not many difficult ones. Collecting the vases from the tables, and putting them away, he hummed to himself as he wandered off to change into his casual clothes. He couldn't wait to get out of that stifling uniform, and damnit, he needed a drink.

Once he was changed, wearing a sleeveless black shirt and jeans, Tsubasa sorted his hair in front of the mirror. Finally satisfied, he shrugged and picked up his bag before walking off to the kitchen. Ugh, it was still steamy inside, and smelt like garlic.

"Koichi?" He spotted the chef in question and went over.

[Log] Sunday 27th April - Firefry back room

Characters: Ikuta Toma, Kitayama Hiromitsu, Aragaki Yui, Ishihara Satomi, Fukada Kyoko, Chinen Yuri, Shirota Yuu, Masuda Takahisa, Ohkura Tadayoshi, more people are welcome! :D
Location and date: Firefry back room, 27th April. After the restaurant's closed for the day.
Rating: TBA.
Warning: N/A.
Summary: An unusual group of co-workers go out for a night of fun, including karaoke.

Collapse )

[LOG] Monday, April 28, after closing - Firefry back room

Characters: Aiba Masaki and anyone that wants to join him~
Location and date: Firefry back room; Monday, April 28
Rating: --
Warning: --

Even after taking a couple of days off, Aiba couldn't shake the feeling that he was falling right back into the same dry, boring routine that caused him to take a small vacation in the first place. He was tired and bored with nearly functioning on autopilot and doing the same thing every day. Despite the love he had for his job, he knew he needed to toss things up a little outside of work.

His determination was what landed him in the back room after work on Monday. He needed to get out. A club, bowling, to see a movie, to an arcade -- he didn't care, as long as it kept him from slipping back into going straight home from work and heading to bed shortly after that. So, after changing out of his work uniform, Aiba took a seat on the couch and hoped to catch a familiar face before long.

[LOG] Monday 28th April - Firefry Kitchen

Characters: Uchi Hiroki, Mike 'Pirat' Nitipaisalkul
Location and date: Firefry Kitchen, 28th April, between lunch and dinner rush-hours.
Rating: tba
Warning: tba
Summary: Uchi runs into the younger brother of his 'very special best friend'.

Uchi stretched a little bit to relief his slightly sore shoulders. Being full-time employed as a proper chef really was something else. He was glad that he at least did some work-out. You really had to be in shape to be a chef, contrary to popular belief.

Looking at the special menue for the evening, his brow twitched. He'd be needing bread for one of the starters. Which meant he'd have to be in the oven area and that again meant that he'd probably run into him. Great. Not that it wasn't enough that the other's workspace was the closest to his. He wondered if somebody up there (okay, either Ryo or Matsumoto and not some higher deity he supposed) wanted to test his limits.

Trying to shove those negative thoughts away, he made his way over to the pantry, where he almost collided with someone else. It was a face he knew but none that he was too familiar with in this kitchen. "I'm sorry, did you drop anything? Everything okay?"