April 25th, 2008

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Characters: Masuda Takahisa, Nishikido Ryo, Golf
Location and date: Friday, April 25, the back room after closing
Rating: --
Warning: --
Summary: Massu, Ryo, Golf...Who knows? I don't. They're sober. And Massu's asleep.

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[ooc - I'm lame.<-- fact. I stared at the screen for 30 mins and this was all I could come up with! *facepalm* So anyways. Have fun waking him up...]
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{LOG} saturday 26th april - after work

Characters: Horikita Maki, Ishihara Satomi
Location and date: saturday, april 26 - after work
Rating: ---
Warning: ---
Summary: Sometimes you just need a girls day...

"Maki-chan?" Satomi inquired loudly to the back room, knowing somewhere in there amidst all their other coworkers was her small friend. They'd planned a girls night out, namely because Satomi wanted to buy a new purse and didn't trust her own judgment alone.

"Shall we go?" She asked as soon as Maki appeared before her.
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[Log] Saturday, April 26 - Lunchtime

Characters: Ishihara Satomi, Kimura Takuya
Location and date: Saturday, April 26 - Lunch; in Kitchen
Rating: --
Warning: None. Satomi's tempting bento...
Summary: Kimura needs a favour from Satomi.

With the toque in his hand, he paced away from the office. It was nice to know he got Sunday off this week instead of his usual Wednesday off days. In fact, now he was able to take Kokomi to Disneyland as her birthday present, but he promised his wife that he would take care of the children that night while she met up with some friends. This meant he needed a babysitter...

Satomi. He needed to find her soon before she made any plans.

Unsure of where she'd be at lunch, he decided to ask once he saw her. Right now, he wanted to borrow the kitchen to test out some new combinations.