April 24th, 2008

[Log] Thursday 24th April, Out

Characters: Nishikido Ryo, Mizushima Hiro
Location and date: Central Tokyo, April 24th
Rating: -
Warning: -
Summary: Ryo and Hiro go shopping...

Hiro leant back in his seat, arms folded as he looked out of the passenger window. It was a nice day, but unfortunately he wasn't going to be spending it outside. Still, work came first.

"Your car smells a bit funny," he said to Ryo, turning his head to look at the other man.
sweet; normal

{LOG} friday 25 april - outdoors

Characters: Ishihara Satomi, Ikuta Toma, Chinen Yuuri
Location and date: Outdoors, April 25 afternoon
Rating: ---
Warning: ---
Summary: Satomi felt like going for a walk...

Satomi stepped out of the front doors of the Firefry and stretched her arms, letting out a little yawn. She was glad work was over for at least a little while. There were several hours till she needed to be back for the dinner shift. She had changed out of the constricting chef garb and into some normal clothing, a bordering-on-casual two piece suit.

The door opened behind her...so someone else doesn't feel like being holed up in there for three hours. She thought, and turned partway to see who else would be out and about that afternoon. "Hello." Satomi called brightly. "Crazy lunch shift, ne?"