April 23rd, 2008

Mod post: third muses

Hi! ^^

Now that this RP has come to life and people have been playing regularly with one or often two muses, we think it's time to allow everyone to pick up a third muse. :Dv

Obviously, most of the 'popular' JE boys are already taken, which is why we're also going to allow:

★Actors who have played in dramas with JE boys and are known to JE fandom. Think Oguri Shun, Shirota Yuu, Mizushima Hiro... you get the idea.

★Girls! :Dv Meaning, the same thing as above, only replace actors with actresses. ;)

We'll give everyone about a week to claim a new muse if they want to, and then we'll celebrate all these new arrivals with another group event. We're not going to tell what it is yet, but hopefully it will include muse bonding and obviously, a lot of fun.

That's all, folks! :Dv

Lots of spring greetings from your friendly neighbourhood mod team. ♥