April 20th, 2008

[LOG] Sunday, April 20, at Firefry

 Characters: Chinen Yuuri, Yamada Ryosuke
Location and date: Sunday April 20, at Firefry
Rating: N/A
Warning: N/A
Summary: And they meet again...

Chinen flew down the street, running as fast as he could to Firefry. He hastily pulled open the back door, and yelled a "Sorry I'm late" before putting on his uniform and getting ready to work. 

Looking up, he saw a familiar face.

"Yama-chan? What are you doing here?"
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[LOG] Sunday, April 20, morning

Characters: Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin
Location and date: Kame & Jin's apartment building, April 20, early!
Rating: PG-15
Warning: Uh, sexual activities?
Summary: Jin needs a favour...

Who ever decided that getting up at 7:30am was a good idea? It was just after 8 now and Jin still didn't feel close to awake. Sometimes his plans really seemed... less than smart. He groaned, rubbing his eyes with his fists, and picked Lady up from where she was looking at him, probably also wondering what he was doing up at this time of day. Especially since he had the lunch shift today, and didn't have to be at work for three more hours.

If he wasn't terribly mistaken, Kame had the same shift as he did. Which was just perfect for his plans. Unsuccessfully trying to suppress a yawn, Jin knocked on his friend's door. He felt slightly apprehensive. They hadn't really spent a lot of time alone since the day they got Lady, and most of their talk when they had been alone had been about dog related things. They were like a divorced couple, only able to talk about their kid. He didn't want things to be this way, which is why he was standing here, still half asleep. His mind had told him that if he would just move on, things would be back to normal in no time. So, moving on is what he'd do, but for that, he needed Kame's assistance.