April 15th, 2008


[LOG] Monday, April 14th, 2008 - Firefry Kitchen and Dinging Hall

Characters: Fujigaya Taisuke, Senga Kento, Open
Location and date: April 14th, Firefry Restaurant
Rating: G
Warning: N/A
Summary: After testing out a new recipe, obviously, there needs to be someone who can try and give some opinion on it.

Taisuke gave the cake he just finished a happy sniff. He still couldn't touch it yet since it was cooling and he didn't want it to crumble or do something unwanted on him, so he waited. Monday was supposedly the day he get to take a day-off, but seeing that he had nothing planned today, he decided to use the kitchen and try out this new recipe he got.

The air was filled with the fragrances of flower teas, and Taisuke was almost humming, not minding who else was in the kitchen. It took him quite a while to find the perfect combination and proportion of flower tea to put in the cake, so he was really looking forward to the result.

Looking at the clock, he made a little sound, realizing that it was time. Once he got the cake out of its pan, he sliced a piece and sniffed it again, before biting into it. "Mh...~" It was good! Of course, to just think the cake was perfect based on his own tastebuds wouldn't be a good idea, so cake and plate in hand, he rushed out to the dining hall, trying to find someone.

"Ne, want to try my cake?" Taisuke grabbed the wrist of the first person he set his eyes on.

[OOC: The overdue log between Tai-chan and Senga, because even though I have time, I was being lazy. ^^;;]