April 10th, 2008

[LOG] April 10, in the kitchen nearly end of work

Characters: Ayukawa Taiyo, Senga Kento
Location and date: April 10, in the kitchen nearly end of work
Rating: N/A
Warning: N/A
Summary: Taiyo and Senga meet for the first time! Painfully, too.

Taiyo carried the heavy, dirty pans. Work was drawing to a close, then it meant he could go soon. It was a good thing the chefs were separated on each stations, that way he didn't need to raise his head and look in front of him. All he needed now was to clean a few things in the station, then ask permission to go home. Well, at least he thought that things were going smoothly until the door suddenly opened.

He moved a bit backwards, avoiding the opening door. 'Lucky...' he thought to himself. He walked forward again. He felt a blow behind him, making him fall on the floor, along with the pans. 'Shoot.' He thought. As soon as he was able to stand, he turned around to see who bumped into him.

[ooc: taiyo seems pissed. XD;]