April 9th, 2008

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[Log] Wednesday, April 9th

Characters: Yamashita Tomohisa, Kimura Takuya and open to anyone who wants to throw a birthday surprise at firefry while we're out.
Location and date: Outside Tomohisa's apartment & hitting the waves in Chiba / April 9, 2008
Rating: N/A
Warning: ...
Summary: Kimura makes use of his weekly holiday and Tomohisa's birthday to go surfing.

Takuya halted his family SUV to a stop outside of what seemed to be Tomohisa's apartment. Rolling down the window and turning off the engine, he checked his Rolex watch. 8:50. 'Still early', he muttered under his breath. He hoped that Tomohisa would be out and ready in a few minutes so he didn't have to bother calling. After all, he had already confirmed with him last night that would come to pick him up at 9:00. Takuya really didn't want to ruin his birthday by pestering him too much in any way.

With nothing to do, he turned on the radio. Coincidentally, the weather report for today. He was relieved to hear that they weren't expecting rain and it wasn't too windy in Chiba. He was worried last night that he might have to cancel the trip. Satisfied with the current results, he flipped over to his CDs. Early morning radio was not his thing.

He continued to wait. 8:54.

Then something struck him. Before rushing out of the restaurant last night, he remembered hearing energetic voices on plans of a light birthday celebration for Tomohisa. None of them seemed to be aware of this surfing trip. With tons of time left, Takuya decided to call into Firefry to see what they are up to. Just in case..

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Characters: Inoo Kei and ...
Location and date: Firefry kitchen, late after closing
Rating: ..
Warning: ...
(Optional) Summary: Inoo's exhausted and still has dishes to finish.

Inoo lazily swept his rag over the first dish of his last stack, eyes heavily blinking back sleep and dreams as he struggled to support himself. That night had been extra busy, leaving Inoo with a huge pile of work to do, and the responsibility of cleaning the tables, since he was the only one left in the restaurant.

Or...was he? Inoo suddenly perked up to a large banging noise coming from the dining room and a worried chill clamored down his spine. It didn't sound like anyone's farmiliar foosteps .. was someone robbing the restaurant?

[log] Thursday, 10th April - Shinagawa Trainstation

Characters: Uchi Hiroki, Nishikido Ryo
Location and date: 10th April-early11th April (night-train), Shinagawa Trainstation and later Nozomi Super Express Shinkansen bound for Osaka
Rating: n/a
Warning: n/a
Summary: Firefry's Sous-Chef and a new chef (former part-timer) on the trip back to their hometown for a short flower viewing holiday with their families.

Uchi yawned behind a hand when he stepped forward to the counter to buy his Shinkansen ticket home. He'd been allowed to leave the restaurant earlier today - it was his last day as a part-timer. Come next week he'd be officially one of the starters & pantry chefs.

He handed the money over and was told to wait while the tickets were being printed when he heard someone at the counter next to him place the same request he had and then, to his surprise, received the seat number just next to his.

Glancing over, just out of curiosity, he blinked in surprise when his eyes fell upon a more than familiar figure. "Ry- Nishikido-san...!?"

[log] Wednesday, 9th April - The Backroom. Again.

(OOC: This is an open thread since Nino is bored and wants to play, so feel free to join/befriend/bother Nino and sneak out of your own jobs. Ahahaa. Just don't get caught in the process~ )

Characters: Nino and anyone else who wants to join in. :)
Location and date: Wednesday 9th April in the back room during work
Rating: ?
Warning: The infamous DS.
Summary: Nino gives himself a break and sneaks out of the kitchen.

Nino glanced around the kitchen casually. Everyone was busy doing their own job and, as usual at this hour, much too busy to take notice of one missing person. Which meant it was the perfect opportunity for him, really. Nino suppressed the urge to smile smugly; he wouldn't even need to make up an excuse today. He quickly shoved the diced vegetables he was supposed to fry in a bowl and hid the bowl behind a cutting board on the side.

He took once last glace around the room before slinking out of the room. The backroom was naturally his first choice, although the bathroom was probably open too. But he didn't really want to be in the bathroom unless he had no other choice; the smell of the cleaning solutions always made him slightly dizzy. Much to his glee, the backroom was empty (though a part of him wasn't completely surprised; everyone was probably busy in the kitchen or in the restaurant) and he hurried over to the couch, flopping down and pulling out his DS.