April 8th, 2008

[log] Tuesday, 8th April - Manager's Office (Firefry)

Characters: Uchi Hiroki, Sakurai Sho, Matsumoto Jun, Nishikido Ryo
Location and date: 8th April, before opening, Sho's office
Rating: PG-13 (?)
Warning: n/a
Summary: Having graduated sucessfully from university, Uchi seeks to pursue his dream of becoming a proper chef...and what better place to start than at his part-time workplace?

Uchi handed the small folder with his application to Sho and bowed politely. "I don't know if you want to promote someone who has been working here for a while immediately to the rank of a proper chef but I love working here and I already know more than half of the menue by heart...and...well, I thought that since the position was vacant at the moment I could try my luck. Onegaishimasu."

He'd returned after his week off with a graduation certificate and a list of experiences from his university. It didn't make him a chef, really...he didn't have a proper apprenticeship like the others but he had his share of experiences with some reknowned chefs from around Japan and even around the world and well, some of those seminars had required a certain degree of cooking skills. Plus, he'd worked at Firefry for more than two years now almost... he knew the people, he knew the kitchen and he knew the menues.

Especially for the starters and pantry...he'd been handing most of the salat vegetables before and he'd watched people there during the times when the restaurant was less busy since the station was closest to where he had worked until now.

But all those things still didn't guarantee him that he'd be accepted and promoted. He really hoped so...but hope alone was not enough and thus he fidgeted a little with his apron - he'd already changed for work - while he waited for Sho's verdict...as well as that of his two other superiors who were also present in the room.


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