April 5th, 2008

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Characters: Takaki Yuya, Domoto Koichi
Location and date: Friday, April 4. In the kitchen before opening.
Rating: ?
Summary: Takaki is a puppy. Who likes to follow a certain chef.

Takaki should be working. It was after all what he was getting paid to do. However, he was transfixed and staring...At Domoto Koichi.

He couldn't help it! The older man was so cool and good looking and the things he could do a fish was beyond amazing! He'd never been terribly interesting in cooking but watching Domoto-senpai really made him want to experiment as well!

Now...He really should get back to work...

[ooc - uwa! T_T Sorry, Koichi-mun. I am serious fail right now. (and why does Takaki sound like Chinen? *hides from Sai-chan*)]

[Log] Saturday, April 5th

 Characters: Chinen Yuuri, Ohno Satoshi
Location and date: Saturday, April 5th. In the kitchen.
Rating: N/A
Warning: Chinen in the kitchen.
Summary: Chinen tries to make a cake, and Ohno decides to help him.

Chinen put on an apron and washed his hands thoroughly. He was making a cake for the school festival the next day. Pulling out the flour, he envisioned the perfect outcome...

A beautiful cake, fit for a wedding, stood glistening in the light. Ohno came and stared at it in awe. 

"Chinen, this is amazing! Would you like to be my apprentice? You have the most talent I've seen in years!" he exclaimed. Chinen nodded happily and fast-forwarding through the years, he made better cakes and became famous.

Of course, Chinen was too busy daydreaming that he forgot all about the flour in his hands, which fell to the ground and exploded in a poof of white dust, covering everything in a 10 foot radius. 

Chinen coughed.