April 4th, 2008

  • ohno_s

[LOG] Tomo and Ohno

Characters: Yamashita Tomohisa and Ohno Satoshi
Location and date: Friday April 4, dessert station after dinner is finished
Rating: G
Warning: Our muses can be goofy?
Summary: Ohno likes to experiment. Tomo likes to eat. Perfect.

Dinner was over, and the restaurant was closing to the public, and Ohno was really excited. Tonight, he had a hot date! Literally. As in, the oven in the kitchen. He decided that tonight he was going to create some innovative new desserts that would be as quirky as they were tasty. Who among them hadn't heard of the daring squid ink ice cream? Ohno wanted to make something just as adventurous. He'd asked each of the dinner chefs to leave him something unusual, something they'd never imagine putting into dessert. And that was how Ohno found himself surrounded by things like fish heads, pork fat, some vegetables that he couldn't quite identify.

Rubbing his hands with glee, he got ready to play.