April 3rd, 2008

On the move

[Log] Thursday 3rd April - Back room after the dinner shift. - OPEN

Characters: Sakurai Sho, Anyone else who wants to join in :Dv
Location and date: Thursday 3rd April after the dinner shift, in the back room.
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
Summary: Sho has managed to lose his jacket, and apparently can't go home without it.

Sho searched the room frantically; it was cold outside, and he couldn't leave without his jacket. He had already exhausted most of his options, having looked through his office and searched the dining hall (not that he really could've left it under any of the tables, but he had felt the need to check anyway, just in case.) The back room and the kitchen were his only remaining options, and Jun had pretty much banned him from the kitchen after the cook-off (Jun seemed to prefer to call it the "disaster", but Sho thought "cook-off" sounded less destructive.) That left him with the back room as his last hope.

He pulled open the lockers that weren't in use, not knowing why his jacket might be in one of them, but it might and that was all that really mattered. When that option turned out to bring no luck, he moved to look under the couch, lying flat out on the floor.