March 31st, 2008

Jun vegetables

[Log] Sunday 31st March; After lunch in the back room

[[ooc: This thread is OPEN, so anyone who wants to disturb Jun and feel his wrath is welcome to. And if everyone wants to join in with torturing him, that's fine too XD]]

Characters: Jun, Nino and anyone else who feels like disturbing him
Location and date: Sunday 31st March in the back room after work
Rating: ?
Warning: Tired Jun? :D
Summary: Jun is tired and trying to get some sleep.

To say that Jun was tired would be a vast understatement. To say that Jun wasn't particularly agreeable when he was tired would be an even vaster one, and so he had been avoided as much as possible for the better part of the morning, because really no one particularly wanted to upset a tired Jun. Jun could be nasty when he was tired, and Jun had power, as the head chef, and those two things together weren't the best of combinations.

Jun had changed out of his uniform after making sure the kitchen was ready for dinner preperations (because there was no way he would ever be able to get to sleep wearing that) and had headed for the sofa in the backroom, giving off predatory vibes as he went. The glares that he gave as he lay down should have been enough to warn anyone that he was tired, he was going to nap, and that if anyone was too noisy or disturbed his sleep they were going to pay for it. He gave one last glare before closing his eyes, and draping one arm across them to block out the annoying light, then letting himself drift off to sleep.