March 30th, 2008


Characters: Tanaka Koki and Nakamaru Yuichi
Location and date: Firefry Bar, 29th March. After Firefry is closed for the day.
Rating: n/a
Warning: Underage drinking?
Summary: In which Koki, being the underage kid he was, trying to persuade the bartender to give him a drink.

        Koki  just sighed as he tucked away the last of the vegetables leftover in the refrigerator. Saturdays had been the most back-breaking day of all. Since it was a day off for most people, they just had to decide to rejoice their freedom by coming to the restaurant and giving the restaurant chefs and workers some hell of a work.

'How nice.' Koki thought sarcastically, slamming the fridge door with his right foot as he begun untying the apron from around his waist. Man, he could do with some refreshments at the moment. Koki walked out of the kitchen, his eyes were quick to fall on the bar at the corner of the restaurant. He smiled haughtily as he made his way to the bar.

Beer. Now that's what he'd call 'some nice refreshment'.
Starry Night

[Log] March 28th, Morning, Convenience Store

Characters: Yamashita Tomohisa and Kamenashi Kazuya
Location and date: Convenience store, March 28th, morning
Rating: n/a
Warning: None yet.
Summary: After the party the previous night, Pikame unexpectedly meet at a local convenience store to get medicine for their hangovers.

Times like these made Tomohisa wish he never touched alcohol.  But who was he kidding?  Given a second chance, he would have done the same thing. a manner of speaking.  The drinking had been usual, and the singing.  It was the fight with Kame that he wished he could just erase from his memory.  And in front of Jin too!

Rubbing his forehead, he pulled his leather jacket around him as he entered the convenience store.  They had to have some medicine to get rid of this hangover with.