March 26th, 2008


[LOG] Thursday, March 27th, before the party

Characters: Golf, Nishikido Ryo
Location and date: Kitchen, Thursday, March 27th, before the party.
Rating: ?
Warning: Poisonous fish, Ryo and Golf all in one place.
Summary: Being asked to prepare something special for the party, Ryo decides to show off his special skill.

The secret of fugu preparation is not only in cutting it, but also in a unique set of seasonings used to make it unforgettably tasty. Ryo thought he'd probably never forget these words, his sensei had used them many, many times when he was trying to get his license to prepare this very special fish. He had only actually prepared it a few times before, and this was the first time he'd do it for Firefry. He wasn't nervous, though. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it - if he hadn't known, he'd never have gotten his license in the first place.

As soon as Jun had told him about the party (especially to welcome the many new recruits, or so he had been told), Ryo had decided that this crowd might appreciate the narcotic euphoria the consumption of this particular dish would bring to them. There was no other reason for his choice than that, definitely not, and any such suggestion would be met with Ryo's fiery glare.

It was an expensive delicacy, of course, and Ryo had been slightly surprised that he had actually been allowed to prepare it. The surprise had gone now, though, and all that remained was a calm determination as Ryo worked to skillfully fillet the fish, cutting out the dangerous parts like a professional surgeon. Any mistake would be fatal for himself too, as he would be the first to try the dish.