March 25th, 2008


Characters: Kamenashi Kazuya and Tanaka Koki.
Location and date: Firefry kitchen, 25th March. An hour before the restaurant opens.
Rating: n/a
Warning: n/a
Summary: Koki's first day at work.

"Shit!" Koki swore loudly as he crashed into the door that leads into the Firefry kitchen.

        He always hated how he was such a clutz in the mornings. Mornings had never bode him well - and this day was no different. In fact, it's much worse. It was, after all, his first day at work, and despite skipping school, he still didn't manage to wake up early this morning, causing him to lose his breakfast. And to think he had ran all the way here from the train station...

        As if on cue, Koki heard his stomach grumbled. 'Damn. I'm hungry.' Koki looked around the kitchen that he just entered. Maybe he could find something to grab a bite? It wasn't like there would be anyone coming in on him. Or so he hoped.