March 24th, 2008

[log] Monday 24nd March - Bar

Characters: Takizawa Hideaki, Imai Tsubasa
Location and date: Bar, 24nd March, early evening.
Rating: G
Warning: --
Summary: Mixing drinks is a hard task. Sometimes.

"Here you go." Takizawa served his drinks, as always, setting the glass down in front of a woman with a smile. Weekdays were always slow early evening and the waiters had yet to give him any orders, leaving Takizawa to his own vices as he lounged around a bit, putting away spare glasses and wiping up the spills. One of the customers dropped a glass out of drunken stupor and as he bend down to clean it up, he accidentally cut his hand, causing him to hiss slightly and right himself, frowning at the thin trail of blood.

[LOG] Wednesday 26th March - Firefry Restaurant

Characters: Chinen Yuri and Nakamaru Yuichi
Location and date: In the restaurant, after hours
Rating: PG
Warning: N/A 
Summary: Chinen falls asleep on the restaurant floor.

Chinen dried the last of the plates and set it down on the stack, stifling a yawn. He dragged himself over to his bag and slowly picked it up, beginning to feel his eyes drooping. Sluggishly he tried to walk before he felt his body give in to sleepiness and fall down to the ground. 

He was dreaming. Mist surrounded him, and he could faintly hear someone. He began walking through the mist, towards the sound of the voice, which gradually became louder and louder. 

"Chinen! Oi Chinen!" 

Someone was shaking him. Chinen slowly opened his eyes to see a figure over him. 

[Log] March 24th - Karaoke night

Characters: Masuda Takahisa, Nakamaru Yuichi
Location and date: March 24. Some karaoke place (just outside actually)
Rating: G
Summary:Maru and Massu have a night out~!

"Yuichi! Yuichi!" Massu tugged on his friends arm, a huge smile on his face "Come on! We're here!" He practically danced around the older man. Like always, he could never keep still.

"Sooooooo" He laughed "How's my Maru today?"


Characters: Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuichi
Location and date: The mall, 25th March
Rating: PG?
Warning: n/a
Summary: Maru needs new clothes

While Maru was walking towards the meeting point, where Ueda and him always met up to go shopping, he looked around and noticed how busy it was. On a Tuesday, a working day! But it didn't matter to him, he liked having people around him. Especially since he lived alone now.

Arriving at the spot, he looked up in the air. Clouds were getting dark and he knew it would rain soon, it was a good thing he brought his umbrella with him. Taking out his brand new I-pod, he put on another song. He was happy with his I-pod, he worked hard for it. Putting it back in his pocket, he looked around waiting for Ueda to come.