March 23rd, 2008


[Log] Saturday, 22nd March - Firefry Dining Hall

Characters: Kitayama Hiromitsu, Matsumoto Jun
Location and date: Firefry Dining Hall, 22nd March
Rating: n/a
Warning: n/a
Summary: n/a

Hiromitsu checked whether the tables he'd prepared so far had been done so according to the norm, meaning, whether the knifes and forks and spoons and what not, had been put in the absolute -correct- order. Sure, this was something like a routine job but sometimes you still messed up because the utensils just started to look all the same to you...

All check. Very good. This meant only two more tables and then the spring decorations around his part of the dining hall...and he'd re-walk some parts where he'd had problems the day before. Did he have time for that?

Mh...maybe a little.

Once the remaining tables were done he went to look for the decoration...

[Log] Sunday 23rd March - Firefry Dining Hall

Characters: Ueda Tatsuya and Senga Kento.
Location and date: Firefry Dining Hall, 23rd March. Before the restaurant is actually open.
Rating: PG.
Warning: N/A.
Summary: Ueda helps Senga adjust to being a waiter and gives him some tips on what to do and how to act.

It was still early in the morning, yet Ueda Tatsuya had already woken up, went to the gym for his morning workout and boxing practice, went home, took a shower, ate breakfast, and arrived at work quite early since he honestly had nothing better to do. He sat at one of the tables, reading a book. One leg was crossed over the other, and although he appeared very interested in what he was reading, he honestly wasn't. Besides, he had read it a million times already.

He heard someone approaching him, but didn't look up from his book to see who it was since he didn't really care. However, the footsteps stopped and Ueda felt a pair of eyes pretty much glued on him. "Are you going to stand there staring at me as though I'm an animal in a zoo, or is there something I can help you with?" he asked in a bored tone, not bothering to look up from his book. He was almost interested, since not many people bothered him at work and those who did had the decency to call his name, not stand and stare as though he were someone very important.

[log] Sunday 23rd March - Firefry Kitchen

Characters: Uchi Hiroki, Nishikido Ryo
Location and date: Firefry Kitchen, 23rd March - before opening
Rating: n/a
Warning: n/a
Summary: Uchi 'experimenting' in the kitchen...

Uchi stirred the calcium water again. Yes...looked good. Now on to the actual thing. He pulled a small package out of his pocket and looked at the algae-powder. Nothing seemed wrong with that either. Very good. The fruit juices he'd be using were also standing in front of him on the counter along with small bowls and an egg beater.

Putting some of the algae-powder into each bowl, he then started to mix it with the different fruit juices. The results were thick substances which looked like syrup or honey.

Now he took a clean little bottle, which he usually used to make chocolate swirls with, one with a small opening you could squeeze the syrup out of.

He put a sieve into the calcium water and then squeezed little bubbles into the water...yes, it seemed to work!

After a handful of bubbles he took the sieve and put it into a bowl with normal water and then out. Taking one of the bubbles he popped it into his mouth. "Mh...tastes good, too..." and it kind of looked like caviar...only that it tasted...well, sweet and fruity?