March 22nd, 2008


[LOG] Saturday, March 22nd, Dining hall

Characters: Golf, Nishikido Ryo
Location and date: Dining hall, Saturday morning before opening.
Rating: PG for now
Warning: Snarky men.
Summary: A new dessert menu has to be decided on. Fate (or possibly Jun's sadistic streak) has decided that Ryo is the one who should go over things with Golf.

Why was it that these things always had to be done early in the morning? It wasn't that Ryo wasn't usually awake at this time, his biological clock woke him up at 5:30am without fail. No, but he could think of better ways to spend the few hours before opening than sitting around the table with Golf, talking dessert. Surely, Jun had delegated this task to him just to spite him, possibly because he hadn't kicked Sho and Jin out of the kitchen immediately yesterday. Like he could kick out the manager...

Whatever the reason, fact remained that Ryo found himself in a secluded area of the dining hall, holding a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette, waiting for the station chef to arrive. Ah, he hoped this would all be over soon. (Funny how he'd had the same thought twice in two days. This weekend definitely wasn't the best one he'd ever had.)
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Characters: Senga Kento, Inoo Kei
Location and date: Saturday 22nd March - Tokyo High School; Mid-morning (Last official day of school year, ceremonies takes place Monday).
Rating: PG
Warning: Too much hyper...perhaps?
Summary: Newbies should stick together, and Senga's surprise to see someone he's sure he now recognizes from work means he now must build a friendship. End of discussion. Spin. Pose. Hello, how are you?~

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