March 21st, 2008

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[Log] Friday 21st March - Firefry kitchen

[OOC: Please feel free to start logging from now on. Anyone is welcome to join in this post as a spectator, our head waiter and all station chefs are invited to join our head chef and sous chef with the voting :Dv]

Characters: Sakurai Sho, Akanishi Jin, Anyone else who wants to watch
Location and date: Friday 21st March - Firefry kitchen; In the morning before opening for lunch.
Rating: PG for now
Warning: Sho and Jin's cooking.
Summary: As the result of a bet, Sho and Jin end up in a cook-off in Firefry's kitchen.

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Characters: Senga Kento, Aiba Masaki, other people now may join and are needed!!
Location and date: Friday 21st March - Firefry Dining Hall; Mid-Afternoon, after lunch clean up is done.
Rating: PG
Warning: ---
Summary: It's Senga's first day on the job, and he shows up bright and determined. Time to meet his coworkers, namely the Head Waiter, Aiba.

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Characters:  Inoo Kei, Tegoshi Yuya
Location and date: Firefry Kitchen, 21st March, Inoo's first shift
Rating: --
Warning: --
Summary:   Little Inoo's first day.

Inoo bit his lip, wiping his sweaty palms on his uniform as he walked through the empty dining room, his heavy bookbag slung over his shoulder.  His hair and his school uniform were both askew from the wind he had encountered from the walk over - his shirt jacket hung awkwardly on his slim shoulders and his pants were hanging haphazardly upon his slim hips.  He was nervous - he had never done anything like this before and was against the fact that he was even here, but he really didn't have much of a choice.  Eyes scanning over the eerily empty dining room as he reached the kitchen door, he swallowed the lump in his throat and thought, 

Well, what would Odysseus do?

Sighing, shaking himself a bit, he pushed the kitchen door open.  Inoo Kei is no wimp, he thought to himself, although he barely believed it.   He was ready.
Starry Night

[Log] Friday, March 21st, 11pm, downtown

Characters:  Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa (KAMEPI!)
Location and date: Downtown, March 21st, 11pm
Rating: PG
Warning: Bitchy Kame and Angry Pi? XD
Summary: After work, Pi encounters Kame and the two get reacquainted.  It's not necessarily a welcome meeting between the two.

Yawning, Tomohisa sat at an outdoor cafe, his chin resting on the palm of his hand.  His first day at work and it had been quite interesting.  The one thing he hadn't expected, however, was to see Kazuya there.  How long had it been since he'd seen him anyway?  The memories were not pleasant ones, so he'd always tried to ignore them.

The two hadn't parted on very good terms, and he wasn't sure how they would interact at work together.  Luckily, Tomohisa wasn't stuck in the kitchen a lot, so he'd have very little interaction with Kazuya.  He'd gotten off earlier then Kazuya, so he sat, beer in hand, as he waited for the other to show up.

[Log] Friday 21st March - Firefry Kitchen (Dessert Area)

Characters: Kitayama Hiromitsu, Fujigaya Taisuke
Location and date: Firefry Kitchen (Dessert Area), 21st March
Rating: PG
Warning: n/a
Summary: Hiromitsu delivers a personal message to Fujigaya Taisuke from one of the customers. They get acquainted...~

Hiromitsu balanced the plates and bowls back into the kitchen and left them on one of the carts by the sink where somebody, probably a part-timer or someone from the cleaning squad, would stack them into the machine or clean them by hand if needed.

That done, he looked around for the chefs responsible for the dessert he'd served earlier. An elderly lady had asked him to deliver her personal compliments to the chef who had made the Butterfly Cake for her. According to her it hadn't just been a wonderful sight but also a wonderful taste. And that sure was a compliment a chef would like to hear, right?

So he walked over to the dessert area - lunch was over, so he had a short break before he had to start preparing the dining hall for the dinner guests - and looked for somebody to ask.

His eyes fell upon a young male chef, who seemed to be engrossed in spreading cream and marmelade onto a biscuite square and roll it. "Ano..." he started carefully, not wanting to startle the other unecessarily.