March 20th, 2008

Questions post

If you have any questions about the RP, anything you're not sure about or would like to have clarified, leave us a comment here and we'll get back to you asap.

FAQ: Does this community use tags?

Yes. Please tag all your entries in the community with 'log' and the names of the characters. If your muse doesn't have a tag of his own, please drop us a note and we'll add it asap.

FAQ: Are introduction posts allowed in the community?

No. Please keep all introductions to your personal journal. When you join, please write an introduction post for your character, you can also use this as a plotting post. If you're not sure how, have a look at the muses whose journals already have a post like this. If you want to post a personal introduction as well, please do so in your muse's journal rather than in the community.

FAQ: How long has Firefry been open?

Restaurant Firefry opened its doors about three years ago. It used to be quite small, but it grew quickly, hiring many more people about two to two and a half years ago. Except for Sho (obviously), Jun, Ryo and probably Aiba and maybe some of the station chefs, most people won't have worked there for longer than two years.