Horikita Maki (fishyfun) wrote in firefry_rp,
Horikita Maki

[LOG] April 27 - after work

Characters: Horikita Maki and Yamashita Tomohisa
Location and date: Locker room, April 27 after work
Rating: ?
Warning: ?
(Optional) Summary: Maki has a thank you gift for Tomohisa.

Another shift over, and Maki sighed - half out of fatigue, half out of satisfaction for a job well done. She'd survived another night in the kitchen, and even received a compliment on a dish she had prepared. As she took her things out of her locker, she slowly pulled a small package out of her bag. It was the gift she had gotten for Tomohisa - a thank you for helping her when she didn't know how to continue. She had tried to give it to him at the start of the night, but chickened out. What if he thought she was being weird? What if getting him something wasn't the right thing to do? What if he hated the gift? All those questions made her abandon the attempt, placing the gift in her locker. But now that the shift was over, she was confronted with it again. Maki looked at the cheerful wrapping with the little note card on it. Yamashita Tomohisa - his name was written in her neat hand writing on the envelope.

What to do? Maki felt herself torn with indecision yet again.
Tags: log: horikita maki, log: yamashita tomohisa
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