Okada Junichi (shounenokada) wrote in firefry_rp,
Okada Junichi

[Log] Saturday, April 26 - Afternoon

Characters: Yasuda Shota, Okada Junichi
Location and date: Saturday, April 26th - Afternoon; back room (?)
Rating: ---
Warning: They might get caught with someone's guitar... *coughKimuracough* None.
Summary: Music makes us all sinful once in a while.

Since there were no more requests for the afternoon, he decided to conclude his work for the afternoon and went for a break. Not that was complaining, in fact, he needed another cup of coffee. He didn't sleep a wink last night because of his insomnia. Besides, he needed to gather pieces that would play that night.

There were still a few customers in the dining hall, so he decided to go through the back door for Starbucks coffee. On his way, he dragged himself by the back room. He really wished there was an easier way for coffee...
Tags: log, log: okada junichi, log: yasuda shota
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