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Senga Kento


Characters: Senga Kento, Ueda Tatsuya
Location and date: Yoyogi Park, April 18 early afternoon
Rating: ---
Warning: ---
Summary: What an awesome surprise, running into your favorite senpai off the job. Time for some bonding, yay!

It was a lovely, sunny day, and school was over for a time. They had a break scheduled for Saturday, so Kento had nothing to focus on but his miniscule amount of math homework, and work that evening, as Friday was prone to be busy. By now he'd cleared up the schedule confusion and found out that, at least on Fridays, he didn't need to go straight to work after school. There were three hours of downtime, actually.

So...Kento strode quite contentedly through Yoyogi park towards his family's apartment on the outskirts of Shibuya. There were several street performer groups out and about, and so while he walked he threw in a bit of the hip action and arm movements from some stuff he'd recently choreographed out of habit as his stroll continued.

And then, at a part in the dance where he suddenly raised his head up, as if in surprise, he suddenly stopped all he was doing, and squinted. Could it really be? No... but, maybe? "Ueda-san!" Kento proceeded to dash towards the jogging figure. "Ueda-san! Wait up!"

{ooc: sorry this took a little while to get posted, i was a little distracted}
Tags: log, log: senga kento, log: ueda tatsuya
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