Yasuda Shota (yasubee) wrote in firefry_rp,
Yasuda Shota

[LOG] - Tuesday, April 1st, Afternoon - Firefry Kitchen

Characters: Yasuda Shota and Koki Tanaka
Location and date: Tuesday, April 1st, Firefry Kitchen
Rating: ?
Warning: A war. A finger jabbing veggie war between cook and apprentice.
Summary: Yasu is in desperate need of vegetables while preparing a dish

"Perfect!" stated Yasuda Shota in delight as he finished off filleting the last part of the fish that now evolved into crispy golden color. He flipped it off the grill with a spatula, and set it on a separate area along with other evenly cut fish fillets. Yasu carefully turned down the heat of the grill. He was preparing Barbeque Fish Lettuce Wraps, a thai dish. It could be considered an appetizer or even a main dish, but either way it was suppose to be delicious.

All he needed was lettuce to set the filleted fish in, iceburg lettuce preferably. "I need some lettuce here" Yasu called out to whoever was taking care of vegetables.

[Sorry for the lateness, Koki-mun. Video games took my away from RPing >.<]
Tags: log, log: tanaka koki, log: yasuda shota

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