[LOG] July 30, 2008

 Characters: Domoto Koichi (open)
Location and date: a park near restaurant, July 30th
Rating: G
Warning: none

Koichi wasn't sure what had drawn him to the park today, but he found it alive with balloons, children, street performers, and dogs. He noticed the stalls and realised that it must be a festival day of some sort. Looking cheered at the prospect of festival food, Koichi started towards the stalls. With any luck they'd have some takoyaki.
the red dress; longing

{LOG} SUNDAY, JUNE 22 - the park

Characters: Ikuta Toma and Ishihara Satomi
Location and date: June 22nd - The Park > Conbini > Another Park > Arcade > Shopping > Pool > Satomi's Apartment
Rating: ---
Warning: ---
Summary: SaToma gets moving again <3 Is denial over??? -gasps-

Satomi stared down at her hands, reviewing her plan in her mind. What was she getting herself into? She'd sent Toma a text message to meet her at the park that afternoon, at the swings, but now that she was sitting and waiting she wanted to be light years away. She was sure to screw things up...that's how these situations worked.

But deep down, she had to go through with this. She couldn't hold it in any longer, not after talking to Shirota and Junno...not after working half heartedly for two weeks trying to get everything straightened out in her mind. Satomi had been distant from everyone, lost in her brain, trying to come up with the right words...

She fingered the fringe of her shirt as she sat on a swing at the park's playground, waiting. What if he wasn't going to show up? She'd made such a fool of herself before...

{{Satomi's top~ and then white capri pants or something xDD}}

[Log] Firefry, June 23 (after work)

Characters: Takaki Yuya, Inoo Kei (and maybe some NPC ppl) (Senga can join if he wants!)
Location and date: Firefry back room > Firefry dining area > Inoo's house. June 23, Sunday (After work)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Kissing? Birthday and new couple sex.
Summary: Takaki throws Inoochi a surprise party and I finally give in and TaKei is born! Yayness! *changes their theme song to Snow Express* And then they go home and have some sex.

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[ooc - so it was his real bday when I started this post XDDD]